About Us

Welcome to Newglee Technology CO., LTD. With more than ten years’ experience on DVB, IPTV and GPS industry and a powerful R&D team, we have restructured and renamed to Newglee in the year 2011 to adapt to the new times. As a new Hi-tech enterprise in China, we specialize in R&D and marketing of Multimedia system and products. Our products range from professional head-end Internet TV system, DVB products, GPS products and so on.

We have developed abroad markets to Europe, Middle East, Africa, North American, South American, Asia, as well as home markets in China. With more than 60 engineers for technical R&D, testing and support, New glee has become a professional team with cohesive force and strong technical innovation ability. As one of the best front end system provider, our StreamX system can provide customers with the strongest support to completely finish the follow-up solution and supply best quality and service with low bitrates of H.264. With our DRM and middleware, the system will be powerful and easy to manage. What we provide is what you need. Due to the resource shortages around the world and the increasing environment-protection pressure, new clean energy industry have become the key focus of the market 

To seek new development, we established our new division—New Energy Department.Our New Energy Department mainly focuses on the technology research and development of solar energy, wind energy and other new energy products. To stand out from all other competitors, we devote to product application innovation and core technology development.

Our Mission

Provide the newest and best digital audio/video products and service to our customers all over the world. New vision, new idea and new life!

Our Attitude

Happy working, happy living and happy life.

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