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KDF SPS_50W is designed for small power off-grid small solar power system , the machine is equipped with a solar charging input interface and battery inside which store electricity energy from solar array , when the need for DC electric power supply. Load may meet: lights, electric fans, TV, Mobile charger, etc.

Product Details


◆  PWM charging method and high charging efficiency;
◆  Solar Feedback Circuit Protection
◆  Output Short-circuit Protection
◆  LCD indicator to show the volume of Battery and charging condition;
◆  Over Charged Protection
◆  Over Discharged Protection
◆  Over Discharged Protection
◆  Over-Temperature Protection

Specification Value/Material
Item No. KDF SPS_50W
Solar Specification Poly silicon
Working Voltage/Power 18V50W
Battery Specification Lead Acid
Rated Voltage/Capacity 12V40AH
Charging Controller Operating Voltage 12V
Input Voltage 15V~21V
Input maximum current 10A
Standby  power consumption 6mA
Low Voltage Disconnect(LVD) 10.8V
Low Voltage Reconnect(LVR) 12.3V
High Voltage Discharge( HVC) 14.6V
High Voltage Recharge(HVR) 13.8V
High temperature protection 60℃
Dc output power Dc output USB 5V1A
DC 12V10A

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