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KDF SPS_100W This product is high performance,family used solar power system,which can receive energy and store it in battery by solar energy on sunny day,and supplies electric power for varies appliances such as electric fan,lighting lamps, television, portable computer etc.It can supply power for both DC and AC electric application . It’s can also be charged by main power AC electricity to supply electricity in case of main power is not available. It’s very helpful and useful for home electric supply.

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◆  Both DC and AC output
◆  LCD display to show the battery volume ,charging condition and output condition.
◆  Solar Feedback Circuit Protection
◆  Output Short-circuit Protection
◆  Solar「+」「-」anti-access protection
◆  Output「+」「-」anti-access protection
◆  Over Charged Protection
◆  Over Discharged Protection
◆  Over Load Protection
◆  Over-Temperature Protection
◆  Solar input and Main power charger input  

Technical parameters

Specification Value/Material
Item No. KDF SPS_100W
Solar Recommended Specification Poly silicon
Working Voltage/Power 18V100W
Battery Recommended Rated Voltage/Capacity 12V65AH
Specification Lead Acid
Charging Controller Operating Voltage 12V
Input Voltage 0V~21V
Input current MAX:10A
Power Consumption MAX: 10A
Low Voltage Disconnect(LVD) 10.8V
Low Voltage Reconnect(LVR) 12.3V
High Voltage Discharge( HVC) 14.6V
High Voltage Recharge(HVR) 13.8V
Temperature Protection 60℃
DC Output DC output & Application USB 5V2A
DC output & Application DC 12V10A(Max)
AC Output Output Wave modified sine wave
Input Voltage 11V~15V
Output Voltage 110V±5%/220V±5%
Output Frequency 60Hz±2Hz/50Hz±2Hz
Rated Output Power 300W
Maximum VA 600VA
Maximum Efficiency 92%
Temperature 0-40℃
Over Temperature 60℃~70℃
Low Voltage Alarm 11V
Low Voltage Shut off 10.5V
High Voltage Shut off 16V
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